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Lighting is often the most under estimated way to make a dramatic impact on your event,

and we are here to help change that!  Don't be left out in the dark, let us help you create

a beautiful setting in any room.


LED uplighting can cast a dramatic impact and recreate any rooms atmosphere.  Our low profile, unobtrusive LED lights can be placed just about anywhere to help set the mood.


Package prices start at $200

A venue consultation may be required in advance

Custom Monograms

A custom monogram in vibrant light  is a great way to add a personal touch to your event.  Use it to dress up a wall, light up a dance floor or even place it in one of our scanners so it dances around the room!


Prices start at $150

Two weeks lead time is required

String and Canopy Lighting

An open canopy of light and makes can make any outdoor space feel more intimate, all the while creating an extremely unique touch to your event.


Prices start at $250

A venue consultation may be required in advance

Party Lights

Party lights are a great way to add a dash of color and excitement to the dance floor.  You and your guests will be amazed as our high tech lighting system as it scans and 


Party Lights are included in all rentals

Additional Lights can be added

Projector Screens

Sidecar is proud to provide a full cinematic experience on several different sizes of screens ranging up to a huge 16 by 9 feet!  Who needs to head to the theater when we can bring it to you in the comfort of your backyard!


Prices start at $200

A range of options from ultimate bass to full concessions may be added

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